About us

Kardelen Machinerywasfounded in 1994 in Ankara byMechanicalEngineer Ali Özbek to transfer theknowledgeandexperiencerelatedtotheproduct on of lightconstructionequpmentstotheconstructionsector.
Duetotheeconomiccrisis in Turkey, in theyears of establishment, thecompany has beengiventhe name " Kardelen", whichmeanssnowdropflower in English, because it grows in thecleanestplacesbydrillingthesnowandthemostdifficultnatureconditions.
Themachinesneededbytheindustry, areproducedwith 23 years of experience, testingintoconsider at on theneeds of ourcustomers. Thequality of themachines has beenprovenwith ISO 9001 andourcompany has accelerateditsinvestmentsbyexpandingitsdomesticandinternational market share. I n 2007, it produceditsownproductionfrom 350 m² to 1. 600 m² .
Wewill be gladtowelcomeyourrequests on lightconstructionmachines.
Best regards.