Kardelen Makina

Kardelen Machinery was founded in 1994 in Ankara by Mechanical Engineer Ali Özbek to transfer the knowledge and experience related to the product on of light construction equpments to the construction sector.

Due to the economic crisis in Turkey, in the years of establishment, the company has been given the name " Kardelen", which means snowdrop flower in English, because it grows in the cleanest places by drilling the snow and the most difficult nature conditions.

The machines needed by the industry, are produced with 23 years of experience, testing into consider at on the needs of our customers. The quality of the machines has been proven with ISO 9001 and our company has accelerated its investments by expanding its domestic and international market share. I n 2007, it produced its own production from 350 m² to 1. 600 m² .

We will be glad to welcome your requests on light construction machines.

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Concrete Processing Equipment

Compaction / Preparation Machines

Concrete Transportation Vehicles

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